Did I Ever Tell You About The Time….Bon Jovi Was “Stalking” Me?

I’ve been super busy with my new job and haven’t had time to post. So, I thought I would dust off an old favorite and re-post it. Enjoy!

Bon Jovi Is After Me!

It all started a couple of years ago when they released Lost Highway. I first noticed it in the car on the way home from work. I would hear a Bon Jovi song every night, no matter what time I left the office. It made no difference if I worked late or left early, I would hear one of the band’s songs come on usually along a two miles stretch of highway.

Pretty soon every time I got in the car a Bon Jovi song was coming on or going off. If I changed the channel – there they would be again. I started to make jokes about it to my husband and my friends. My husband thought I was nuts…until that fateful weekend when we were running errands. You guessed it, every time we turned on the car there they were…change channels and the next song on…Bon Jovi. My husband started to admit that it was a little strange.

Photo of Jon Bon Jovi from the big screen at recent concert

Jon Bon Jovi from the big screen at a recent concert

Then it moved inside. I would flip through the TV channel and there they were on Behind the Music, or on some special. There were biographies, and network news magazines interviewing Jon. Richie was going through some personal issues and it was on every channel. Even obscure movies Jon acted in were playing regularly.

It was crazy. Bon Jovi was everywhere. Even my preschooler was walking around singing “Shot Through the Heart”!

I will admit, I became slightly obsessed with them…but only because I couldn’t get away from them! I adopted a philosophy of if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em (not that I would actually join them, unless they need a former flute player). I watched the shows, my husband bought me the album. I went to YouTube and watched the videos. Jon, Richie, David and Tico began to feel like an old friends. Always there (get it….always…get it?) when I got in the car at the end of a long day.

Slowly they began to pull back. I began to think they found me less interesting. Or they were making a new album. Either way the boys from Jersey weren’t there for me (they swore those 5 words to me, didn’t they?). I faced the realization with a mixture of relief and sadness. I finally wouldn’t be hearing and seeing them 20 times a day, but they weren’t there singing to me every time I turned on the radio.

Now they are on tour with the new album, with their greatest hits and they sneaked up on me again. They’re on the radio in the morning. Jon and Richie keep popping up in a local news promo. I’m glad to see them back, but I wonder how far they will take it this time?

Where will they sneak up on me next? In the car, on TV, on Facebook or Twitter….be careful people. Runaway (get it?) Bon Jovi could be coming for you next!

***Please note, this is just meant as fun. I mean no harm to any members of Bon Jovi, their families, or anyone associated with them. ***

Tell Me a Story Tuesday – New Job Edition

It’s time for another installment of Tell Me a Story Tuesday! I thought I would go with something a little different this time, so I’m looking for your stories about starting a new job. Did you end up with the flu? Half a day late? Did the business close the day you started? Or, do you have a story about a new employee that you were helping to bring on board? I want to hear all of them!

Old fashioned typewriter

Did you get to work & find this waiting for you? Tell me about it!

As always, the carefully handcrafted rules are in place. It doesn’t need to be long…it doesn’t need to be good…it doesn’t even need to be true (hey for all I know you could shown up to your first day wearing a bunny costume!) just tell us about your story in the comment section below. If it’s long story, or if you’d rather put it on your site, no worries just post the link.

In 3, 2,1…tell me a story!

I’m Going to be the New Executive Director!

I am thrilled to tell you I will soon be the new Executive Director for the Community Arts Center of Cambria County! I’m very excited to be part of an organization I’ve admired for years and can’t wait to get started later this month. Most of all, my family and I are thrilled to be coming home to Johnstown, PA and being part of the community in such an amazing way.

A beautiful rendering of the Goldhaber-Fend Fine Arts Center & the Log Cabin, home to the Community Arts Center of Cambria County.

A beautiful rendering of the Goldhaber-Fend Fine Arts Center & the Log House, home to the Community Arts Center of Cambria County. I’m honored to be part of the team.

My 2014 Review – From Craptastic to Possibilities in 2015

My 2014, in all honesty and to put it bluntly, sucked. It’s actually pretty hard to find the words to express the total craptastic nature of the last 365 days. (Since writing those first sentences I learned of the death in the family, so the nasty that is 2014 seems to be holding on to the last.) So I won’t.

The best part of the year was spending time at  the beach with my family. The whole year comes down to a week in August when looking for bright spots. Certainly not my best year by far.

So I am looking toward 2015 to go a little better. It’s already started actually. I may have some amazing news that will very literally change my life. I got a hint at it last week, but until things are set in stone in the next few weeks I’m keeping it to myself. So watch this spot!

I guess that’s what we do at the end of the year. We tally the losses and the gains and try to make sense of it all so we have a little more hope going into the new year. Here’s hoping there are more losses than gains on your 2014 tally sheet.

Happy New Year my friends. May it be filled with love, laughter, and most importantly — hope.


Dedicated to Jerry Bock, you will be missed.

No No NaNoWriMo

The beginning of December means the end of this year’s National Novel Writing Month. I had three previous attempts with one win (last year) with NaNoWriMo. I thought long and hard about entering again this year, and decided not to. And, while it might have been tough seeing all the updates and people reaching the goal, I think it was the right decision.

For one thing I’m still working on the novel I wrote last year. There are some parts I’m really proud of…but the ending horrible. My most recent attempt at “fixing” it included lopping off the last quarter of what I had and starting on writing a whole new second half for it. Not pretty. Very depressing. Very necessary.

There’s also a story I’ve been working on in bits and pieces for the last few years. It’s one of my sanity stories. You know what I mean, one of the stories I go to when I need to take my mind off of things and get lost in something. I truly love this story and most of the time the words flow pretty easily. Perfect for NaNoWriMo you say, nope — the novel you write can’t use previously written content. Since I already have five chapters and lots of snippets of scenes and dialogue that I really, really like, I didn’t want to start over from scratch – honestly it would feel like a waste of time to rewrite what I had rather working on what I don’t have.

Which leads me to the third thing, time. If you’re going to take on a challenge like writing over 50,000 words in a month, then you need to give everything you have to the task. My life is very different from what it was in November last year, each day is a new challenge with two kids being cyber schooled and living with my in-laws. That’s not good or bad, it just is. I knew in September when I started thinking about prepping for this years NaNoWriMo that I didn’t have the same fire that I did last year. My head and heart are pulling in too many directions for me to focus on writing for hours at a time every day.

And, I think that’s okay. In 2011 and 2012, I just pushed to write everyday and was happy that I did. Which is fine too. I knew those years that I didn’t have the kind of time I needed to get a novel written but I had the fire to write. This year I knew that my time and my heart weren’t where they needed to be, so this was the year not to push it. I think I would have felt worse not finishing this year, so why punish myself?

Would I have liked to, sure. Will I try again, probably. But I need to know that I have the right focus, and maybe more importantly the right story. This year just wasn’t the year.

Congratulations to the winners. Congratulations too to those to who didn’t make it but gave it shot, any time you get words out of your mind and out in the world is an accomplishment. Amazing effort by you all and you should be very proud no matter how many words are on the page!

Hard To Say Goodbye

A few weeks ago I posted about my dogs in honor of National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. In the post I mentioned how well our 17-year-old dog Schmoopie was doing despite her age. Unfortunately, that didn’t stay true for long.

17 year old Schmoopie is a gray dog laying down on tan carpet

17-year-old Schmoopie is just chillin’

About 10 days ago she started to take a turn for the worst, and a week ago we had to let her go. It was the right thing to do, and as pet owners that love their pets, it was the responsible thing to do. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard as hell to make that call and take her on her last trip to the vet.

As I’ve thought about it over the last week, I realized that I’ve spent more of my adult life with her than without her. She was there to welcome both of my daughters home from the hospital, and fussed over them every chance she got (she would stand on her hind legs to look in the bassinet when they would start to cry and snuggle against them when they were in reach).

Dog in a bright colored kerchief and Steeler collar.

Schmoopie look dapper in her kerchief and Steeler collar.

When we talked about our loss on Facebook we got a lot support, especially for our daughters who couldn’t imagine life without her. A lot of people said we were lucky to have had her so long. I have to say, I’m not sure about that.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a blessing to have as much time with that sweet fur ball as we did, but I think that makes saying goodbye even harder. My husband and I can’t really remember a life without her. My daughters never knew a time without that fuzzy face checking on them. 17 years is a long time to love and be loved in return.

I know in time we’ll stop looking for her when we walk through the house. We’ll stop reaching for her dish to feed her. We’ll get used to saying dog and not dogs. But right now it’s hard to say goodbye.

Schmoopie: friend, snuggle buddy and forever loved.

Tell Me A Story Tuesday – Halloween 2014 Edition

I’ve talked about this before, but some of the best stories are ghost stories. I mean who doesn’t love a scary story? (Ok, I’m not a big fan of the horror genre, but I don’t mind a story that’s a little scary or raises the hair on the back of your neck.) This time of year is when scary stories reign supreme, so I thought I would give you the chance to tell me a scary story!

A ghost appears to be kneeling at a grave in a cemetary

A spooky photo from the Battery Carriage House

Now, I know this is the point where I should tell YOU a scary story. But, like I said before, I’m not a huge fan of the genre. When I try to write something creepy it usually comes out funny (like the video project I did in college that was supposed to be creepy but just made my professor and the class laugh). Not that I don’t have a few…odd…things that have happened over the years, but those are more on the personal side and this isn’t really the right forum for them. Not saying I won’t share, just not in this post.

So it’s YOUR turn to tell a supernatural story. It doesn’t need to be long…it doesn’t need to be good…it doesn’t even need to be true (hey for all I know you could have attended a summer camp where campers disappeared every year, who am I to say different?) just tell us your scary/creepy/hair-raising tale. If it’s long story, or if you’d rather put it on your site, no worries just post the link. Hey, if you want to share your scary/creepy/spooky photos with a story about where they’re from or how you got them, that’s awesome too!

I tried this before, and didn’t get a response. This year I know I have a couple of writers who stop by now and again. I also have gone from ones of readers to almost tens of readers over the last few months, so I’m hoping someone will jump in and share something. Again, doesn’t have to be big or elaborate, it just needs to be spooky!

Don’t forget we’ve got rules about these things, just to keep it real friendly like and to keep those nasty trolls under the bridges where they belong, so make sure you check those out.

Ok…so…tell me a scary story!