Lorie’s List for 11/15/2013


Time again for this week’s (probably) random, (rarely) newsworthy and on (nearly every) occasion strange or unique stories. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something interesting to discus while you’re at the comic book store this weekend.

Run, Batkid, run! (Credit: Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Greater Bay Area)

Run, Batkid, run! (Credit: Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Greater Bay Area)

  • Batkid To the Rescue? San Francisco and Make-a-Wish went all out all out an adorable 5 year-old decided he wanted to be the Caped Crusader. He’s in remission and kicking leukemia’s butt – he’s a real-life hero in my book!
  • NaNaNaNaNa BatDad! I’ve meant to bring him up for a while, so at this point he’s not exactly new news, but I still love him. BatDad is big on Vine, and I can’t get enough of him. Funny, goofy, clean enough to share with the whole family and really cleaver. If you haven’t checked him yet, you really need to.
  • Seattle Mom making capes for tiny heroes. A mom in Seattle is on a crusade to make capes for kids battling illness and disabilities. The capes help the kids feel stronger and more brave. If you want to sponsor a Tiny Super Hero or learn how to get a cape for a hero in need you visit TinySuperHeroes.com

Thanks for checking out this week’s list! Not all heroes wear capes. Not all super powers are super human. I hope you’ll take a minute this weekend to thank the real life super heroes in your life and show them a little love.

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Have a great weekend everyone!