Telling Stories at the Airport


I read this story about a man who won a video contest to spend the next 80 days living at the airport. The reason? To tell the stories of the people he meets. He’ll be talking with travelers, employees and everyone in between. It’s not exactly a hardship, he gets to live in a luxury hotel. The airport has given him a new camera and editing equipment and he’ll get $15,000 when he’s done.

I love this idea. Each and every one of us has a story and most of them never get told. Sure sometimes we swap stories (especially painful travel stories) over a beer, but how often do we really tell those stories? How often is there someone there willing to not only listen to our stories, but to help us tell them?

There’s something poetic about telling the stories of travelers. Where are they going? Why are they going? Travel is such a wonderful metaphor for life, and there are an infinite number of stories to tell about that. This is an amazing opportunity to capture a moment of someone’s life and use it help tell the story of that life. What an awesome gift.

I for one look forward to seeing what happens.