Go with Your Gut

View of Johnstown, PA from the Inclined Plane on the 127th Anniversary of the Great Johnstown Flood.

The City of Johnstown on May 31st, 2016 – the 127th Anniversary of the Great Johnstown Flood.

Last week I told you that I would be writing a post about the Great Johnstown Flood of 1889. This week, to be honest, I’m just not feeling it. While the flood happened more than 120 years ago, it’s something that is very personal for me. You see, my family has lived in Johnstown and the surrounding area for generations. I know that I had family who were in town for all of the floods and deeply impacted by them. I don’t have first hand accounts of the floods, just memories of my grandparents memories of family talking about the Great Flood. But still, talking about the flood, and the thousands that died, usually makes me pretty melancholy. Since my life the last few weeks have been enough to make the sunniest person blue, I decided it might be best to table the planned post for now. I will get there (and hopefully be able to share with you something I wrote for a local magazine about the people of my hometown), but today I’m going to focus on the future.

To be extremely honest, the future isn’t looking all that sunny either, but it’s got potential. I’m still looking for work and my husband is still very ill. But, and that is a huge but, there are good thing on the horizon. Our oldest daughter finishes her Junior year of high school today and has been making plans abut what she wants to do next. We’ve got at least two colleges to tour and all the excitement of Senior Year to look forward to. No matter how I see things for myself right now, her future looks bright and I know she’ll be amazing.

Our youngest is a ball of energy and extremely intelligent – a combination to behold. One minute she’s discussing the advantages of different Pokemon and the next she’s talking about science and math at levels beyond the average 5th (soon to be 6th) grader. I’m sure that this summer will be filled with experiments and finding ways to keep her mind and body busy on a daily basis.

Fortunately, our town is filled with all kinds of great low or no cost things to do. We can easily spend most, if not all day, at a local library. There are parks to explore and free activities almost every weekend. And of course the local mall is open for strolling and window shopping when the weather gets to hot.

I don’t know for sure what the future holds. What I do know is that sometimes you need to go with your gut. When your gut tells you it’s not the right time to write something deeply personal that brings you down, it’s a good idea to listen. When it tells you that it’s time to focus on the positive in your life and share that with the ones of followers who read your blog, listen to your gut.

I’m Officially Mother to a Teen Ager!

The Birthday Girl

My daughter

My oldest daughter turned 13 today. It’s been a roller coaster ride that’s for sure! She’s had to endure 5 moves and 3 school changes during her lifetime. Somewhere in there came the addition of a sister and a dog she promised she’d take care of. There have been smiles and tears and lots of giggles.

She’s a good kid, a champion of the underdog and stands-up for what’s right (she has twice gone to teachers out of concern for classmates being bullied). She’s learning to play the flute and loves to act – she did her first monologue performance on stage in 2nd grade. She’s gotten in a little how water from time to time, but she makes us proud.

Being mother to a tween had it’s moments, and I’m sure being mother of a teen will have some more.  But, I know that each of these moments are shaping her into the woman she will become and someone I look forward to knowing.

She has changed the world. My world at least. And her Daddy’s.  She is a great big sister and a wonderful daughter. I was blessed the day she was born and have been every day since.