Lorie’s List for 12/20/2013


To get us in the Christmas spirit, this week’s List is made-up of three of my favorite holiday videos. They’re black-and-white stop-animations from the 1950’s, and they’re a bit of a tradition in my hometown. People used to wait for them to come on TV each year and gather around each time they came on. When VCR’s were in every home people would rush to record them and then send the tapes to family members living out-of-town.

Today the station posts the videos on-line each year for everyone to enjoy. I am sharing them with you.

I find Hardrock, Coco, and yes, Joe, absolutely adorable. And if you are anything like the me, you’ll catch yourself humming Suzy Snowflake’s little theme song for days! Enjoy!

If you have any ideas or if you’d like to Guest Write The List, I would love to hear from you! Send me a note here and we’ll get you on the blog!

Merry Christmas Everyone!