Tell Me a Story Tuesday – Spooky Edition

Glowing Jack-o-lantern Ghost

This spooky ghost haunted a pumpkin a couple of years ago. 

It’s time for the Halloween Edition of Tell Me a Story Tuesday! Has something gone bump in the night? Got a good ghost story? Did you experience something spooky and live to tell the tale? Well tell us the tale! This is your chance to chance to share your paranormal parable. It’s simple really,. I’m not looking for perfection. I’m not looking for something to change the world. I’m try to give us all the opportunity to flex that little creative muscle that most of us don’t get to use as often as we should. No pressure. No judgement. Just a chance to share and have a little fun.

The Challenge: Tell me ghost story, or some sort of spooooky story perfect for Halloween. Let’s make them first hand accounts and not out-and-out fiction. Feel free to embellish if you’d like, but try to keep it plausible. Use the comment section below to share your to make sure everyone can see it (if it’s posted somewhere else or if it’s long you can share a link instead).

The Rules: Yep, there are a few rules, but there aren’t many. It’s more to keep things nice and friendly like. You can read the Ground Rules here or just visit the link at the top of the page.

The Prize: Our undying love and devotion. Alright, that’s kind of lame I admit. But, if people start to share stories than we’ll see what we can do about getting some sort of prize. In the mean time you are more than welcome to say you participated in the weekly storytelling event.

So, tell me a story! Spook Me!

New Year? New Stories! Tell Us Your Stories Tuesday!


It’s a new year, that can only mean one thing…that you’ve got a LOT of stories about all the crazy, funny, touching and unbelievable things that happened over the holidays! Let’s hear them!

This is YOUR chance to tell us your story. Telling stories is more than entertaining. It’s sharing a part of you with the world. It’s about making connections with other people. Storytelling is about touching another life by sharing your experiences.

I’ve shared a couple of stories so far, and I know people are following along so  it’s your turn again. Tell me a story. It doesn’t have to be long. It doesn’t have to be funny. It doesn’t even have to be good. Just take a few minutes to put thought to keyboard and tell me about something you experienced over the holidays.

Did your parent/kids/in-laws/neighbors/family do something that even YOU can’t believe? Were you surprised by a gift? Did you manage to surprise someone? Did your kids have a great reaction to Santa’s visit? Did you miss someone this holiday season who’s wasn’t there to celebrate with you? Tell us about it!

As with any good endeavor, there are some ground rules.

The Ground Rules:

  1. Be nice! Constructive criticism is fine, but this is strictly a “No Troll Zone

    Troll free zone.

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  2. Keep it clean! This site is for folks of all ages, anything not suitable for a PG audience will be removed (sorry, but my kids can read this blog and my 6 year old is a great reader – there are just some things I don’t need her sounding out!).
  3. Keep it fairly short! This isn’t the place to write the next great novel. Let’s see how short stories go before we move into long form writing.
  4. Nothing Copyrighted Please! Please make sure that you’re telling your own story and not someone else’s.
  5. No bashing other people/companies/political parties/ethnic groups/sexual orientation/career choices/physical appearance or ability/musical tastes! Again, this is a “Troll Free Zone” – leave the mean and nasty at the door. It’s one thing to have a funny encounter in a strange situation or a strange encounter in a funny situation. Using your story to insult others is another thing all together.
  6. I reserve the right! This is my blog and my face to the Internets, I reserve the right to change the rules, or remove content that break the rules. Sorry folks, but I’m sure that if you can find someone willing to let you post a story about a liberal Republican that walks with a limp and listens to Yani while sheep herding and why you hate them. I am not that someone, and this is not the place.

Grab your quill and pen. Or your mouse and keyboard. Spend 5 minutes telling us a story. Don’t be shy!

Go ahead – tell me a story!

I’m on holiday break this week, but wanted to take a moment to wish you all a happy, healthy and magical holiday. I hope that you get to tell your favorite stories, and make a few new ones.

Christmas tree with twinkling lights

May all your lights twinkle bright in 2012

Ghost Stories – Storytelling at its finest

Halloween Vintage 05

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Happy Halloween!

Any good storyteller has a few ghost stories in the back pocket….”You won’t believe what happened to my friend’s co-worker’s dog walker when he and his brother were walking down a dirt road as teenagers…it was a really dark night…they were headed home from town and were told not to take the short-cut through woods by Old Man Miller’s house…The woods were haunted…That’s where they found poor Mary’s body 100 years ago and where she had been buried…today her grave was grown over and couldn’t be found. They say she wanders through the woods looking for her grave.  The brothers thought it was just a made up story when they were told Mary would cry to them for help and try following them home…until that night they took the short cut through the woods and heard footsteps running up behind them…and then a woman’s cried out…”

Ghost stories (and the closely related horror stories) are some of the most shared, and most loved stories told. Horror stories make millions at the box office. Charles Dickens used ghosts to show us the error of our ways. Ghost stories have been passed from generation to generation, around camp fires and on dark and stormy nights. Some have become such a part of society that they’ve been come folk-lore. Stories are the stuff legends are made from.

Our love, and fear, of the unknown provide fertile ground for our imaginations. Sucking us in. Demanding our attention and daring us to look away. You tell yourself it’s just a story but somehow it seems very, very real.

So tonight, sit back and listen to a good ghost story. Feel your pulse start to quicken. The hair on the back of your neck start to stand up. Was that a noise behind you? Couldn’t be, it’s just a story isn’t…..

Isn’t it….