Re-Blog: Bon Jovi Was HERE!!


Another re-blog….but you’ll see why! Have a great day everyone!


Apparently some how the boys from Jersey…the guys who used to have all that hair…the band that has wowed stadiums filled with thousands of people…CAME TO MY HOUSE! I told you they were stalking me!

They came over around 1AM Wednesday night and started playing in my front yard. They brought acoustic guitars, didn’t have a piano or drum kit so they used some empty planters and rocks from my garden. The lovely old widower across the street did not take to those noisy kids “banging around” my house and called the police.

When the police arrived I tried to explain that “BON JOVI is just STALKING ME on the radio,” but all they heard over the guitars and planters was the stalking part. So they were arrested on the spot for disturbing the peace, stalking and inappropriate use of gardening materials. They tried to keep it very hush hush but I’m sure the press will catch wind of it soon.

I did manage to get autographs…they aren’t very good since they were already in handcuffs. But I’ve got my fingers crossed that I will get copies of the mug shots.

AND, to top it all off…wait for it…that’s right April Fools.


This is an April Fools joke. No offense is intended. At no point was anyone in Bon Jovi, or anyone associated with the band or the organization, at my house or annoying my neighbors. Happy April Fools Day!

Tell Me a Story Tuesday – New Job Edition


It’s time for another installment of Tell Me a Story Tuesday! I thought I would go with something a little different this time, so I’m looking for your stories about starting a new job. Did you end up with the flu? Half a day late? Did the business close the day you started? Or, do you have a story about a new employee that you were helping to bring on board? I want to hear all of them!

Old fashioned typewriter

Did you get to work & find this waiting for you? Tell me about it!

As always, the carefully handcrafted rules are in place. It doesn’t need to be long…it doesn’t need to be good…it doesn’t even need to be true (hey for all I know you could shown up to your first day wearing a bunny costume!) just tell us about your story in the comment section below. If it’s long story, or if you’d rather put it on your site, no worries just post the link.

In 3, 2,1…tell me a story!

Friday 5 for 9/13/2013


Circling Friday the 13th date on calendar with...

First and foremost a big Happy Birthday to my sister Jennifer and our Aunts Jean and Jane. All three of them were born on Friday, September the 13th (Jean and Jane are twins born…just a few…years before my sister). As you might expect, they are not very superstitious people.

Since today is Friday the 13th this week’s Friday Five are a little more on the superstitious side! These are five (probably) random, (rarely) newsworthy and on (nearly every) occasion strange or unique. I hope there’s at least one thing on the list you haven’t already heard about so you have something to talk about at that ferret show this weekend.

And off we go…

1. A lot of people consider Friday the 13th to be unlucky, but is it really? There have been a number of studies done. You might not be surprised by the statistical results.

2. If that’s not enough for you, there a bunch of things you can do on Friday the 13th to bring you even more bad luck.

3. There are a lot more superstitions out there that have nothing to do with the date. There’s probably at least one of these wedding superstitions you haven’t heard of – like it’s good luck for the bride to find a spider on her wedding dress. I’m not so sure about that one, with the screaming and jumping and swearing I’d be doing as I tore the dress off it wouldn’t seem like good luck!

4. If you’re the kind of person that hasn’t met a black cat whose path you won’t cross or a ladder you won’t walk under, then this might be the website for you! It has superstitions from around the world to help you tempt the fates and change your luck.

5. Maybe all this talk about superstitions and bad luck has you a little nervous. Well have no fear, I’m looking out for you! Here are good luck charms and symbols from around the world. Pick as many as you think you’re going to need for today and have a great weekend!

If you see something that you think belongs on my Friday Five list, or if you’d like to do a guest version of the Friday Five, send me a note here. I’d love to hear from you!

Tell Me a Story Tuesday — Last Day of School Edition


It’s that time of year again, the end of school. My children are among the rare bread that cry because school is over for the summer, so we rarely hear about pranks or fun on the last day. Mostly it’s just a phone call to Mommy at work crying about having to wait whole months to go back to school.

I myself enjoyed the break summer provided. And, being the good girl I was raised to be, did not partake of any last day of school prankery. I was witness, and victim of, several epic water gun battles on school buses and paper products decorating hallways on the way out the door.

What about you? Did you cry on the last day of school because you were going to miss it? Did you get in an awesome prank before the bell rang (feel free to change names to protect the guilty if the statute of limitations hasn’t expired yet)? This is your chance to share you’re last day of school memories.

Let’s hear it…tell me a story….

*Standard T.M.A.S.T. rules apply*

Tell Me a Story Tuesday – Whopper Edition!

A cropped photograph depicts singer Elvis Pres...

Is Elvis in the treehouse? A photograph depicts Elvis Presley's bust. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lie to me. That’s right, lie to me. Tell me a big fat lie. Make something up that can’t possibly be true. Tell me that Elvis has taken up residence with little green Martians in your treehouse. Tell me that you’re going to spend a few weeks this summer hanging with the merfolk in Atlantis. How big a lie can you tell?

As my tens of followers know, there are usually ground rules for telling stories. But, I’m going to relax those a little this week. I still want you to be (kind of) nice to each other – so no name calling. Other than that we’ll see how things go.

Go ahead, tell me a tall tale. Lie to me Baby!

Tell Me a Story Tuesday – Strange Fact Edition


I recently said to someone, “Here’s a strange fact about me that you probably don’t know…I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. I don’t do it very often because it usually gets a really odd reaction.” The person told me they didn’t believe me, then gave me a really odd reaction when I proved it. Which got me thinking about this week’s challenge.

Each of us has the story of our lives. The things that explain who and what and why we are. But, there are those strange little things that lurk in the background that are a part of who we are, but someone how don’t seem to fit the story. So this week, what strange (and harmless please)  little fact about you seems out-of-place in the story of you?

What strange fact about you tells your story? Do you (or did you) hold a record for something that really shows how competitive you are? Have you watched a particular movie or genre so many times that it explains some of the obscure quotes you make on a daily basis? Here’s your chance to admit to and share a strange fact about yourself that people would think is out-of-place in the story of you.

Now, I’m not looking for deep dark secrets. No need to bare your soul and show us your wounded heart. Glad to listen if you’d like, but this probably isn’t the best place. I’m just wondering what strange fact about you would surprise the people who think they know your story forward and backward. Feel free to direct them here to your reply and see let us know what they say!

Go ahead, tell me a strange fact that’s part of your life story!

(If you’re new here, please read the ground rules.)

5 Great Reason to Tell Your Story Tuesday!


There are lots of great reasons to tell your story on Tuesday, which just happens to be today. Here are the five most popular as voted on by our most active participant – ME!5

  1. It’s a great way to practice your craft(writing not witch, but that’s cool too) – Taking part is Tell Your Story Tuesdays is a chance to practice your writing in a low key and supportive environment. I haven’t received any negative comments on anything written so far! (Of course I don’t get many comments, and most of those are spam, but they’re all very polite!)
  2. So you can tell friends and family(who keep ask why you write a blog very few people read)that you’re a guest blogger on another site – Everyone has someone (a frienemy, a buddy from work, a mother-in-law) who asks what you’re writing about on that blog of yours and why don’t you have any followers. Here’s your chance to tell them that someone asked you to share your wisdom on their blog, a major step for any blogger!
  3. You don’t need to change the names to protect the innocent – Since you’re the only one who knows you wrote it your secret is safe with me! What happens on Lorie’s Lens stays on Lorie’s Lens. *
  4. To bring joy to others – I know I would enjoy it if you shared a story. Not that I’m begging, just saying it would be nice. Ok, I’m begging a little…PLEASE share a story with me!
  5. Your reason here – tell me a story and I’ll let you choose the 5th reason why you should tell your story. Consider it your bonus for taking part in this worth while endeavor.
    *Not applicable when actual cameras are involved 

So what are you waiting for, the rules? Oh yeah, those can be found here. I’ve given you some great reasons, so tell me a story!