Take the Challenge – Tell Your Story Tuesdays!


So I’ve had people looking and liking, but no one has taken the challenge yet. Come on, admit, I know you really want to share something, you just haven’t gotten up the gumption to do it yet. Well, I’m going to break the ice and tell a little story of my own…..

The first movie I can remember seeing was The Muppet Movie in 1979. My little sister, who was five at the time, won four tickets to see the movie in a ticket giveaway contest my mother registered my brother, sister and I for. We anxiously piled in the car the day of event and drove about two hours to the theater where they were having the specials showing of the movie. I remember we got there just before it started and had to sit in the very front. My dad, who drove us down, didn’t even get to see the movie because it was sold out (if memory serves someone took pity on him and let him stand in the back of the theater). The room was crowded with kids of all ages getting louder and louder. Then the lights went down and the movie started. 

And my life was changed forever. 

Kermit the Frog

I took this picture of my pal Kermit the Frog at the Smithsonian

It was in those moments sitting in the dark that I found magic. Larger than life, Technicolored magic. I don’t remember specifics, I was only 6 after all, but I remember the excitement I felt, the awe and the overwhelming need to know how they did it.

I had already been fascinated with the magic of television but once I was exposed to Kermit larger than life, I was sold. I decided then that I had to do something like what I saw up there on that screen. 

My life in storytelling and video was further solidified the following year when I saw The Empire Strikes Back in the theater. I knew all those years ago that I wanted to make people feel the magic that I felt walking out of the theater. I wanted to make people think and show them things that they never saw before.

I know that I’m not working in Hollywood. The stories I tell are much smaller and that’s ok. I still get that little thrill and feeling of magic when I work. I am a very lucky woman to have found what I love when I was such a little girl. 

Thanks Kermit and friends for getting me started on the right path!

Now it’s YOUR turn…tell me a story!

Here’s what you need to know about Tell Your Story Tuesdays…

Have a crazy story no one would believe? Did you bump into a celebrity and have an awkward encounter? Have a brief fictional story you want to share with the world? Here’s your chance! I decided it would be a lot of fun to start a weekly storytelling post. This is YOUR chance to tell us your story.

I want to us to share the little stories and antidotes you tell at party and networking events. Or better yet a story about what went wrong at party or networking event. It can funny, sad, inspiring or embarrassing. I’m not looking for perfection, I just want to give folks a chance to stretch that creative muscle they don’t get to use very often.

Every Tuesday I’m going to open a post like this one and invite all you folks itching to share your stories. There are no prizes or awards, just the undying admiration of ones of people. I’m hoping with a little luck and your help we can get that up to the undying admiration of tens of people soon!

As with any good endeavor, there are some ground rules.

The Ground Rules:

  1. Be nice! Constructive criticism is fine, but this is strictly a “No Troll Zone
  2. Keep it clean! This site is for folks of all ages, anything not suitable for a PG audience will be removed (sorry, but my kids can read this blog and my 6 year old is a great reader – there are just some things I don’t need her sounding out!).
  3. Keep it fairly short! This isn’t the place to write the next great novel. Let’s see how short stories go before we move into long form writing.
  4. Nothing Copyrighted Please! Please make sure that you’re telling your own story and not someone else’s.
  5. No bashing other people/companies/political parties/ethnic groups/sexual orientation/career choices/physical appearance or ability/musical tastes! Again, this is a “Troll Free Zone” – leave the mean and nasty at the door. It’s one thing to have a funny encounter in a strange situation or a strange encounter in a funny situation. Using your story to insult others is another thing all together.
  6. I reserve the right! This is my blog and my face to the Internets, I reserve the right to change the rules, or remove content that break the rules. Sorry folks, but I’m sure that if you can find someone willing to let you post a story about a liberal Republican that walks with a limp and listens to Yani while sheep herding and why you hate them. I am not that someone, and this is not the place.

Grab your quill and scroll. Or your mouse and keyboard. Spend 5 minutes telling us a story. Don’t be shy!