Respect One Another


I’ve stepped away on purpose the last few weeks. There is so much heartbreaking news out there, and I didn’t feel I had anything to offer the conversation. But, ignoring it somehow seemed wrong. Today I intended to post something fun as a get our minds off all of sadness. But I can’t do it. hands-683950_960_720

Instead I’ll say the one thing that keeps running through my mind. Can’t we just respect one another.

I’m not saying we should put aside all of our differences, hold hands and sing Kumbaya. I’m not even saying we should like one another. It would be nice, but let’s be honest…that’s never going to happen in my lifetime. Some of the differences are a really important to who we are and deserve to be focused on and discussed. It’s the differences that will help us as a society learn and, one day, move forward.

But today is not that day.

Asking people to love one another is impossible until people learn to respect one another. So that’s what my message is today. You don’t have to love thy neighbor. Hell, you don’t even have to like them. But try a little respect. They are a human being. They have hopes and dreams. They love someone, and someone loves them. They are someone’s child. They may be someone’s sibling or parent. They have friends. There are things that make them laugh and things that make them cry. They will bleed. They will die.

They are a living, breathing human being. The color of their skin, the person that they love, the higher power they believe in – or don’t believe in, their sex and sexual identity is all secondary to the fact that they are a living, breathing human being. Just like you. Just like me, and the person down the street. Just like every person of color. Just like every cop. Just like every gay man and woman. We are all living, breathing human beings.

Maybe I’m just stupid or naive, but shouldn’t that be the most important part? If you can’t find a way to respect someone for any other reason, can’t you at least respect the fact that they are a human being? They are here trying to live the best they can, and when they’re gone someone will cry for them.

I know that even asking us to be nice to one another at this point is probably a lost cause. So, can we start with respect? For one day, don’t just automatically go on the attack or on the defensive. Respect the people around you. You don’t have to get carried away, just…I don’t know…say excuse me when you walk in front of someone. Hold a door open. Say thank you and your welcome. Acknowledge that the people around you, even the people who say you hate, are PEOPLE. Human beings. Living, breathing, feeling beings just like you.

For one day try to respect them. And then tomorrow, try doing it for another day. And the day after that…and the day after that…and the day after that…And maybe one day we’ll find that we really do respect the people we’re different from. May that day we can move on and find a way get along.rainbow-436171_960_720

My Summer So Far


First rule of blogging, don’t stop blogging. Well I broke that one in spades. In my defense, since I last published a post (there are several sad half posts laying around behind the scenes) I have: completed a couple of freelance projects, packed kit and kaboodal and moved it all to another state, managed to get Shingles (twice-I am just that lucky), and get the kids to and from summers camp in one piece! Bonus points for getting them registered in the new school district before we got to the DMV (well alright who rushes out to the DMV, but still we got them registered the first week we were here). We’ve got a long way to go, but it’s starting to feel like home.

For now I offer the following photographic proof…don’t worry I’ve skipped the ones that might leave you feeling itchy…


Before they broke our TV, 3/4 of legs of a desk, a piece of heirloom furniture and scratched the end table.


We stopped to take a picture as we came back home.


Two weeks after we moved the girls went to camp.


They had fun at camp but were glad to come home and unpack.

Once again I’ve learned life tends to do what it pleases while you’re out making other plans. You know what, since there’s not much you can do to stop it, sometimes it’s better to just try to enjoy the ride.

What Story Are They Telling About You?


Take just a moment to think about the story other people tell about you. I know, we’re not supposed to be overly concerned with what other people think about us, but it can be important. How would your competition tell your story? How would your peers? Your family? Be honest.

Are you happy with the story they’re telling? Is it accurate (more accurate than you’d like to admit)? If this story is the story that is forever linked to you, would you be ok with that?

Yes? Excellent! Rock on my friend!

No? It’s never too late to change your story. Decide what kind of ending you want to have and decide what you need to do to get there. Then do it.

One of the great things about stories is that they can be rewritten. As long as you’re willing and able you can change your story. Focus on the areas that need improved, get the word out that you’ve made changes. Commit yourself to making changes and stick with it. It’s never too late to get a better ending.