Unexpected Adventures


Life likes to hand you crazy time. So far in the last 10 days I stopped working and a few days later I took my husband to the ER where he was admitted to the ICU. He is doing much better thankfully and we hope to take him home in the next couple of days (let this be a lesson to you friends; if you take good care of yourself, take your medicine and see your doctor you can probably prevent time in the ICU due to chronic health issues). But life has been turned further upside down.

I as I write this from his hospital room I am reminded how lucky I am, despite that chaos at the moment. When I was waiting for my husband to be settled in the ICU, I talked to a man who had barely left the hospital for 11 days. His wife was in a terrible car accident and…let’s just say that the last I heard she was still fighting. Nothing like getting hit with a big dose of It Could Be Worse when you’re feeling pretty miserable.


Despite what this waiting room looks like, I know that I am not alone. I know that in a few days we’ll get to take my husband home and start working on making the changes in our lives to make sure this doesn’t happen again. The money, and the jobs, and all of those things will work themselves out somehow. We will survive this. Not everyone is that lucky.

So today, Friend, I ask you to talk to someone you love. Give them a hug if you can and remember that you are not alone.

And, if you can take a moment to spare a thought for Heather in ICU, her husband, and their 3 small children…well that would be great too.

Tell Me a Story Tuesday – Mega Millions Edition!


In case you were sleeping under a rock, the largest jackpot in world history was split three ways on Friday. Lottery fever griped the nation and people everywhere dreamed of what they would do with a spare $500 Million lying around the house. I admit we caught the fever at our house too.

Dollar signs in a smiley face

I'd look like this if I won $150+ million.

I nervously checked the numbers Saturday and discovered that we won! I’m laying low right now because I’m a little worried about the press attention when I go to pick up my $2. No, I didn’t win life changing money. I didn’t even break-even. A girl can dream can’t she?

Which is the source for this week’s challenge: What would you do with a cash payout of in the neighborhood of $158 Million ? Go ahead. Dream big. We all did. Look at this as starting to plan for when you really do hit the big money.

What about me? Well my winnings would look a little like this…..

First calls would be to lawyers and financial planners who would have to sign an non-disclosure agreement. We’d try to carry on like any other day(s) while everything gets put into place. Plans include setting up trusts for various for our daughters and other close family members. A charitable foundation would be established to handle requests for money and to help us raise money for causes close to our hearts. (The goal would be make sure that we don’t just give money away, but ensure that people use the money to establish a better future and then pay it forward by helping others.) There would be a lot of investing because I want winning to be a blessing and not a curse – I want to make sure that we never have to worry about another bill ( and neither do our kids or eventual grand kids).

What about the fun stuff? Oh there would be plenty of that too…a new car (or two), building our dream house, a couple of dream vacations and getaways for the whole family. I’d finally establish the video production company I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid, only now we would focus on making great videos  and PSAs for non-profits that have a hard time paying for videos that would make huge difference in fundraising. Maybe even set-up a video artist retreat somewhere.

Between the foundation and the production company my husband (a 18+ year TV news veteran) would stay as busy as we wanted, without having to stress. We could watch our kids grow. Know that our nieces and nephews were going to be able to get the kind of education they want, and make life easier for a lot of people.  Then we really would be living the dream…

Ok. Your turn. What would you do if they handed you that over-sized check? As always, make sure your story abides by the ground rules. Now…

Tell me a story!