Tell Me a Story Tuesday — Last Day of School Edition


It’s that time of year again, the end of school. My children are among the rare bread that cry because school is over for the summer, so we rarely hear about pranks or fun on the last day. Mostly it’s just a phone call to Mommy at work crying about having to wait whole months to go back to school.

I myself enjoyed the break summer provided. And, being the good girl I was raised to be, did not partake of any last day of school prankery. I was witness, and victim of, several epic water gun battles on school buses and paper products decorating hallways on the way out the door.

What about you? Did you cry on the last day of school because you were going to miss it? Did you get in an awesome prank before the bell rang (feel free to change names to protect the guilty if the statute of limitations hasn’t expired yet)? This is your chance to share you’re last day of school memories.

Let’s hear it…tell me a story….

*Standard T.M.A.S.T. rules apply*

Tell Me a Story Tuesday – Whopper Edition!

A cropped photograph depicts singer Elvis Pres...

Is Elvis in the treehouse? A photograph depicts Elvis Presley's bust. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lie to me. That’s right, lie to me. Tell me a big fat lie. Make something up that can’t possibly be true. Tell me that Elvis has taken up residence with little green Martians in your treehouse. Tell me that you’re going to spend a few weeks this summer hanging with the merfolk in Atlantis. How big a lie can you tell?

As my tens of followers know, there are usually ground rules for telling stories. But, I’m going to relax those a little this week. I still want you to be (kind of) nice to each other – so no name calling. Other than that we’ll see how things go.

Go ahead, tell me a tall tale. Lie to me Baby!

Tell Me a Story Tuesday – Mega Millions Edition!


In case you were sleeping under a rock, the largest jackpot in world history was split three ways on Friday. Lottery fever griped the nation and people everywhere dreamed of what they would do with a spare $500 Million lying around the house. I admit we caught the fever at our house too.

Dollar signs in a smiley face

I'd look like this if I won $150+ million.

I nervously checked the numbers Saturday and discovered that we won! I’m laying low right now because I’m a little worried about the press attention when I go to pick up my $2. No, I didn’t win life changing money. I didn’t even break-even. A girl can dream can’t she?

Which is the source for this week’s challenge: What would you do with a cash payout of in the neighborhood of $158 Million ? Go ahead. Dream big. We all did. Look at this as starting to plan for when you really do hit the big money.

What about me? Well my winnings would look a little like this…..

First calls would be to lawyers and financial planners who would have to sign an non-disclosure agreement. We’d try to carry on like any other day(s) while everything gets put into place. Plans include setting up trusts for various for our daughters and other close family members. A charitable foundation would be established to handle requests for money and to help us raise money for causes close to our hearts. (The goal would be make sure that we don’t just give money away, but ensure that people use the money to establish a better future and then pay it forward by helping others.) There would be a lot of investing because I want winning to be a blessing and not a curse – I want to make sure that we never have to worry about another bill ( and neither do our kids or eventual grand kids).

What about the fun stuff? Oh there would be plenty of that too…a new car (or two), building our dream house, a couple of dream vacations and getaways for the whole family. I’d finally establish the video production company I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid, only now we would focus on making great videos  and PSAs for non-profits that have a hard time paying for videos that would make huge difference in fundraising. Maybe even set-up a video artist retreat somewhere.

Between the foundation and the production company my husband (a 18+ year TV news veteran) would stay as busy as we wanted, without having to stress. We could watch our kids grow. Know that our nieces and nephews were going to be able to get the kind of education they want, and make life easier for a lot of people.  Then we really would be living the dream…

Ok. Your turn. What would you do if they handed you that over-sized check? As always, make sure your story abides by the ground rules. Now…

Tell me a story!

Tell Me a Story Tuesday – Strange Fact Edition


I recently said to someone, “Here’s a strange fact about me that you probably don’t know…I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. I don’t do it very often because it usually gets a really odd reaction.” The person told me they didn’t believe me, then gave me a really odd reaction when I proved it. Which got me thinking about this week’s challenge.

Each of us has the story of our lives. The things that explain who and what and why we are. But, there are those strange little things that lurk in the background that are a part of who we are, but someone how don’t seem to fit the story. So this week, what strange (and harmless please)  little fact about you seems out-of-place in the story of you?

What strange fact about you tells your story? Do you (or did you) hold a record for something that really shows how competitive you are? Have you watched a particular movie or genre so many times that it explains some of the obscure quotes you make on a daily basis? Here’s your chance to admit to and share a strange fact about yourself that people would think is out-of-place in the story of you.

Now, I’m not looking for deep dark secrets. No need to bare your soul and show us your wounded heart. Glad to listen if you’d like, but this probably isn’t the best place. I’m just wondering what strange fact about you would surprise the people who think they know your story forward and backward. Feel free to direct them here to your reply and see let us know what they say!

Go ahead, tell me a strange fact that’s part of your life story!

(If you’re new here, please read the ground rules.)

Tell Me a Story Tuesday – Spring is Sprung Edition


Hello my loyal band of followers! I thought I would keep up the visual idea from last week and revisit a type of story I’ve asked people to share before…

Over the weekend my family made the trip into Washington, D.C. to see the famous cherry blossoms. They really are beautiful, and I highly recommend making the trip to seem them (a word to the wise, early mornings and later afternoons are much less crowded – you can actually see the trees through the people then!). We, of course, were good citizens and took lots of pictures. Some of them are still in the camera, but I did take a few shots with my cell phone. Looking at the pictures earlier I had an idea for today’s story challenge…

Tell me a story in 3-5 pictures. In the past I challenged you to do it in one, but today I’m giving you a little more wiggle room. Here’s what I had in mind.

Jefferson Memorial through the Cherry BlossomsSisters admiring the view from the Jefferson MemorialClose Up of Cherry Blossoms

Feel free to post your story in pictures to your blog and share the link here. As always, mind the rules. And most importantly, have fun with it!

Spring is sprung folks – Tell me your spring story in pictures!

Tell Me a Story Tuesday – Pic Prompt Edition


Since last week‘s success (Yeah, that’s right…someone finally contributed! Thanks Worninshoes!!) I thought I would try something else that’s a little different. In the past I’ve asked you to tell me a story with a picture. Well I’m turning that on it’s head and asking you to tell me a story about this picture:

Driving through a tunnel near Virginia Beach, VA

My husband took this picture last year while I was driving on our way from Virginia Beach, VA to visit a friend in Norfolk, VA. We both thought it looked pretty cool.

Several things came to mind when we saw how cool it turned out. We started making up stories with the kids about what this could be (if we didn’t know it was a tunnel under the water). What about you?

Tell me a story about what you think this is. Where are we going? Is this a tunnel towards Norfolk or is this a jump to lightspeed? What awaits us on the other side?

You know the rules. Now, tell me a story!

Tell Me a Story Tuesday, Mini Edition


This week’s challenge is short and sweet. Tell me a story in one sentence. Just a few words that tell us something. It doesn’t have to be profound, but grammatically correct would be awesome. Something like….

Once upon a time there was a woman hoping, wishing, and waiting for someone to tell her a story on a Tuesday.

Pretty easy, eh? Ok, your turn. Please mind the rules as your imagination runs wild.

Ready….Set….Tell me a story!

Thanks Davy Jones, Now I’m a Believer


I just heard the news that Davy Jones from the Monkees passed away earlier today from an apparent heart attack. I actually had “I’m a Believer” stuck in my head yesterday. The Monkees had one of their many big come backs when I was in high school when my friends and I discovered them. We watched the reruns. We listened to their music. I think one of my friends even got a lunchbox with them on it. Let me tell you a little story about why they hold a special place in my heart.

British singer Davy Jones (member of The Monke...

Image via Wikipedia

Like so many other 13 year olds it was time to get braces. And just like those other 13 year olds I was worried about how I would look and what the kids at school would say about it. It seemed to take hours to get fitted with them, and I was feeling pretty low when I got home. What I didn’t know was that my older brother had a surprise waiting for me. That may not seem all that unusual to most people, but my brother is…quiet…reserved…keeps to himself most of the time…and I was one of the few people allowed, not only into his room, but into his the things he spent hours working on his room. Some times he’d invite me in to talk about something he wrote, sometimes to show me the things he built, sometimes just to watch Star Treck: Next Generation so that he wasn’t the only sci-fi fan in the house.

When I got home that afternoon with a mouth full of metal he called me into his room and proudly played a cassette (really dating myself now). He had somehow recorded “I’m a Believer” from somewhere and played it for me. I remember just looking at him in confusion. He told me to listen to the words…”Then I saw her face/Now I’m a believer…” Then he said something about the braces didn’t change me that much. I was still pretty and he still believed in me. For whatever reason, that memory floated through my head on the way home from work yesterday. For me, “I’m a Believer” is one of those songs that floods me with feeling and memories. I guess they were still fresh in my mind when I heard about Mr. Jones’ passing because I felt myself tear up.

Thank you Davy Jones, and your fellow Monkees, for making possible a memory I will cherish all my life.

Do you have a favorite Monkee memory? Please share!

Tell Me a Story Tuesday – Award Show Style!

Publicity photo of Shirley Jones for the 1962 ...

After a brief break from my Tuesday requests for your stories, I am back and I have a twist.  The somewhat office Hollywood Award Season wrapped up on Sunday with the Oscars. At least one presenter alluded to practicing their acceptance speech in front of a mirror over the years. Come on, admit it, you have too. Here is your chance to share your speech with the world.

Here’s what I’m looking for…give me your best acceptance speech for the award of your choice (see example Aor give the acceptance speech you wish someone would give at an awards ceremony (see example B).

Example A: I would like to thank the Academy for this unbelievable honor. I am honored to be the company of these great nominees and all of them deserve this honor. Thank you to the cast and crew who really are what made this possible. I need to thank my family for their support and encouragement. Thank you to all the teacher and professors that saw something special in me and encouraged me. Lastly, this is for my mom who told me before she died that I would be standing here some day.

Example B:I’m gonna let you finish announcing the winner I just need to say somethin’ first. I want to thanks to all the people who voted for me, I’m glad you liked the gifts my publicist sent you during voting. Thanks to the other nominees who all did a good job, just not good enough. Come on Meryl, you’ve got to admit that voice you did just was just wrong. And you, how many times are we going to see you die on screen before you just stay dead? I’d like to thank my family and friends, I’d like to but they’re all money grubbing gold diggers with straws up their noses or needles in their arms. Which reminds me, I want to thank my dealer because we all know I wouldn’t have made it through without you Buzz. One last thing, this gold statue means a major pay day for me – my starting price just doubled. Thanks again and Buzz I’ll need you to come backstage.

Now it’s your turn. Same rules apply as previous weeks. Give me your best (or worst) acceptance speech!