I’m Officially Mother to a Teen Ager!

The Birthday Girl

My daughter

My oldest daughter turned 13 today. It’s been a roller coaster ride that’s for sure! She’s had to endure 5 moves and 3 school changes during her lifetime. Somewhere in there came the addition of a sister and a dog she promised she’d take care of. There have been smiles and tears and lots of giggles.

She’s a good kid, a champion of the underdog and stands-up for what’s right (she has twice gone to teachers out of concern for classmates being bullied). She’s learning to play the flute and loves to act – she did her first monologue performance on stage in 2nd grade. She’s gotten in a little how water from time to time, but she makes us proud.

Being mother to a tween had it’s moments, and I’m sure being mother of a teen will have some more.  But, I know that each of these moments are shaping her into the woman she will become and someone I look forward to knowing.

She has changed the world. My world at least. And her Daddy’s.  She is a great big sister and a wonderful daughter. I was blessed the day she was born and have been every day since.

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