Tell Me a Story Tuesday, Mini Edition


This week’s challenge is short and sweet. Tell me a story in one sentence. Just a few words that tell us something. It doesn’t have to be profound, but grammatically correct would be awesome. Something like….

Once upon a time there was a woman hoping, wishing, and waiting for someone to tell her a story on a Tuesday.

Pretty easy, eh? Ok, your turn. Please mind the rules as your imagination runs wild.

Ready….Set….Tell me a story!

3 thoughts on “Tell Me a Story Tuesday, Mini Edition

  1. worninshoes

    Penelope – a blue-eyed dowager late of Hawthorne, Connecticut – had decided to embark on an adventure with her part-pug part-poodle, Rodney, to parts unknown when a sudden shiver rattled her bones at the thought of becoming lost (which had always terrified her); but remembering her deceased husband’s last words, “You find the most marvelous places while you’re lost – or they find you,” she concluded there was only one way to overcome her fear and become lost enough to discover them: to go; and so her journey began.

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