Nora Ephron: Remembering a Ground-breaker


I didn’t want today to pass without saying a few words about Nora Ephron. She was not just an amazing talent, she was a ground breaker as well. Yes, her smart and funny writing was amazing. She had an eye and understanding for telling stories as a director. But, most importantly, she was one of the first women to be considered a successful writer and director. She fought for acceptance, not by talking about needing it but by going out and being great. By being a force to be reckoned. By being too good to be ignored or denied.

The road still isn’t easy for any female in such a male-dominated industry, but Nora Ephron helped blaze a trail that women will follow for generations. Today the way ahead may be a little darker without her, but talented women everywhere will follow her lead and keep proving that women are funny. Women are smart. Women are talented. Women really can direct and write. And, they are strong enough to fight for their turn.

Thank you, Ms. Ephron, for the wonderful stories you’ve told, and the example you’ve set. You will not be forgotten.

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