Share Stories with Your Family this Holiday


We’re all way too familiar with the tragedy of the last few weeks.  Between devastating storms and heartbreaking violence many of us our coming together at what we traditionally seen as a time of peace and feeling lost. I humbly encourage you to share stories at time like these. Stories help make us feel warm inside, and closer with one another. They can comfort us when we experience loss and prevent us from regretting the stories we didn’t hear.

Like when you wish you would have asked Uncle Bobby to tell you himself about his date with Marlin Monroe instead of hearing about it from his brothers (that my friends is a true story I regretfully will never hear). Or the stories you were too busy to take time to listen to your grandparents tell about what it was like when they were your age. And even, sadly, sometimes the ones you put off listening to your children tell because there are dishes to do or laundry to fold.

So as 2012 comes to a close take a little times with those that you hold dear and share some stories. Listen. Laugh. Cry. Remember. Love.

Have a safe, happy and wonderful holiday filled with amazing stories!


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