The Return of Tell Me a Story Tuesday!


After a bit of a break it’s time to bring back Tell Me a Story Tuesday! For my ones of new readers, Tell Me a Story Tuesday is when I share my love of storytelling with all of you by trying to get you tell me a story. I’ll admit that to less than stellar success in the past, but this is a new beginning!

It’s simple really, I throw out an idea and invite you to write a few lines. I’m not looking for perfection. I’m not looking for something to change the world. I’m try to give us all the opportunity to flex that little creative muscle that most of us don’t get to use as often as we should. No pressure. No judgement. Just a chance to share and have a little fun.

The Challenge: It’s the last official week of summer, so tell me a story about what you did on your summer vacation. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this summer. It can be your favorite summer vacation. Or the worst. Feel free to embellish if you’d like, but try to keep it plausible (I think we’ll all call shenanigans on you if you tell us you went to Mars in June). Use the comment section below to share your comments below to make sure everyone can see it (if it’s posted somewhere else or if it’s long you can share a link instead).

The Rules: Yep, there are a few rules, but there aren’t many. It’s more to keep things nice and friendly like. You can read the Ground Rules here or just visit the link at the top of the page.

The Prize: Our undying love and devotion. Alright, that’s kind of lame I admit. But, if people start to share stories than we’ll see what we can do about getting some sort of prize. In the mean time you are more than welcome to say you participated in the weekly storytelling event.

So, tell me a story! And who knows…you tell me yours and I may just tell you mine!

3 thoughts on “The Return of Tell Me a Story Tuesday!

  1. I hope I am putting my Tuesday story in the right place? If not I am sure you can put it where it belongs! Here we go!~
    One summer, it was a hot blistering day in New Mexico, I was on my ranch irrigating my fields. I had 33 horses, plus a breeding stallion at the time. Out of no where, my fields were invaded by my horses acting wild with freedom. I wondered how they got out, as I quickly put down my shovel, and ran towards my stallion who kicked everyone up into a stampede. As I rounded a large pine tree heading to my barn, I saw my mother-in-law, try to herd my horses with a long stick. I could clearly hear her yelling, “Get in there…Get in there!” While swishing the stick in the air at the many horses that were running out of control. One of my mares decided to challenge the Alzheimer woman. She reared high in the sky, thrashing her front legs in front of my mother-in-law. The old woman didn’t act scared, but held a presence of superior form. As fast as lightening she clobbered that mare right between the eyes with her long stick. Shocking the mare to no ends, and yelled at the mare to get into the pen.
    The mare obeyed with patience as my mother in law herded her into the pen, she released her from. I was shocked…. I also watched the woman herd the rest of the animals back into their pens safely. None giving her any troubles to return safety to their dens. When it came to put the gentle stallion away, she walked up to him gently and spoke, while the horse listened and stared at the woman, “Get in there, your girlfriend called and said, for you to go to heck! Now get in there…I have to go to the store!” I roared…but stood embedded by the duck pond while I watched the woman follow behind my stallion with her stick touching his back hocks softly, and shut the stallion’s door.
    I wanted to yell at the elder, but held my tongue. Her mind was not in the right place, and thank heavens she was not harmed. But I will never forget that summer day as long as I shall live! To me my mother in law, was an amazing human being, never to be trifle with, while holding a stick!

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