I’m Back Again….Again…


So June wasn’t my month. And let’s not talk about the last half of May. I came down with a really, really nasty case of bronchitis and then moved. Honestly, I’m lucky I know who I am and where the laptop is at this point! But I think I’ve got things back under control and I’m back for some summer fun. Just to prove I didn’t actually drop off the face of the planet and forget all about you, here a few pictures I’ve taken the last few weeks that I’ve saved for you.

You may  hear about one of these adventures in the weeks to come….

15 year old girl cosplaying as Castiel in War Doctor's TARDIS

My 15 year old cosplaying as Castiel in the War Doctor’s TARDIS at Sci Fi Valley Con

Two girls cosplaying as Castiel and Lilith from Supernatural

My kids cosplaying as Castie (15 yrs old) and Lilith (9 yrs old) from Supernatural at Sci Valley Con in Altoona, PA.

Breathing treatment equipment

I got to have a fancy breathing treatment at Urgent Care because when I get bronchitis I do it right!

White ring of fireworks looking like a firework

4th of July fireworks in Patton, PA


2 thoughts on “I’m Back Again….Again…

  1. Thanks! We actually moved the day before the con, so we’re kind of lucky we got costumes together. The younger one was originally was going to be Clara from Doctor Who, but we couldn’t find the right cardigan, then she was going to be Jo from Supernatural, but her black tank top was dirty…finally her sister said she thought she knew where the fancy dresses were and she was the right age to play little Lilith so it was it actually was the PERFECT costume. I’m definitely going to post more about taking them to their first con.

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