Tell Me A Story Tuesday – Halloween 2014 Edition


I’ve talked about this before, but some of the best stories are ghost stories. I mean who doesn’t love a scary story? (Ok, I’m not a big fan of the horror genre, but I don’t mind a story that’s a little scary or raises the hair on the back of your neck.) This time of year is when scary stories reign supreme, so I thought I would give you the chance to tell me a scary story!

A ghost appears to be kneeling at a grave in a cemetary

A spooky photo from the Battery Carriage House

Now, I know this is the point where I should tell YOU a scary story. But, like I said before, I’m not a huge fan of the genre. When I try to write something creepy it usually comes out funny (like the video project I did in college that was supposed to be creepy but just made my professor and the class laugh). Not that I don’t have a few…odd…things that have happened over the years, but those are more on the personal side and this isn’t really the right forum for them. Not saying I won’t share, just not in this post.

So it’s YOUR turn to tell a supernatural story. It doesn’t need to be long…it doesn’t need to be good…it doesn’t even need to be true (hey for all I know you could have attended a summer camp where campers disappeared every year, who am I to say different?) just tell us your scary/creepy/hair-raising tale. If it’s long story, or if you’d rather put it on your site, no worries just post the link. Hey, if you want to share your scary/creepy/spooky photos with a story about where they’re from or how you got them, that’s awesome too!

I tried this before, and didn’t get a response. This year I know I have a couple of writers who stop by now and again. I also have gone from ones of readers to almost tens of readers over the last few months, so I’m hoping someone will jump in and share something. Again, doesn’t have to be big or elaborate, it just needs to be spooky!

Don’t forget we’ve got rules about these things, just to keep it real friendly like and to keep those nasty trolls under the bridges where they belong, so make sure you check those out.

Ok…so…tell me a scary story!

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