Re-Blog: Bon Jovi Was HERE!!


Another re-blog….but you’ll see why! Have a great day everyone!


Apparently some how the boys from Jersey…the guys who used to have all that hair…the band that has wowed stadiums filled with thousands of people…CAME TO MY HOUSE! I told you they were stalking me!

They came over around 1AM Wednesday night and started playing in my front yard. They brought acoustic guitars, didn’t have a piano or drum kit so they used some empty planters and rocks from my garden. The lovely old widower across the street did not take to those noisy kids “banging around” my house and called the police.

When the police arrived I tried to explain that “BON JOVI is just STALKING ME on the radio,” but all they heard over the guitars and planters was the stalking part. So they were arrested on the spot for disturbing the peace, stalking and inappropriate use of gardening materials. They tried to keep it very hush hush but I’m sure the press will catch wind of it soon.

I did manage to get autographs…they aren’t very good since they were already in handcuffs. But I’ve got my fingers crossed that I will get copies of the mug shots.

AND, to top it all off…wait for it…that’s right April Fools.


This is an April Fools joke. No offense is intended. At no point was anyone in Bon Jovi, or anyone associated with the band or the organization, at my house or annoying my neighbors. Happy April Fools Day!

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