Did I Just See That?


Over the next week or so I’m going to relate several stories and observations from a concert I recently attended. At least one of them goes with my video/technology interest, the other are based more in the realm of I don’t get out much. This is where our first post comes from.

Jon Bon Jovi at the front of the circle.

This was my husband's view - mine was blocked by Shirt-Man

The name of the band really isn’t important right now…ok it was Bon Jovi. And, if you must know, I have a bit of a history with them. But what I saw at the concert could have really happened to anyone….

So I’m sitting in the cheap seats enjoying the show, strangely distracted by the monitors and visuals (more on that in another post), when a guy comes through the stands saying something about shirts for $9. I figured I miss heard and focused on the show, until…

The guy sat down a few rows of head of me on the stairs. That wouldn’t have been a big deal if that hadn’t been the point in the show where the move to the very front of the stage. My view was blocked by the guy folding t-shirts and stuffing them in his jacket. I completely missed one song because I was distracted by a guy who was so full of himself that he felt he could sell t-shirts out of his jacket during a concert and was taking the time to fold his merchandise from the stands while he kept a close eye out for  security.

Talk about chutzpah! I mean it’s not like the guy was selling knock-offs or stolen shirts outside in a parking lot or something. He was inside the venue. In the stands.  Folding the shirts in front of people who had just spent a decent amount of money at the merchandise stands! Either he’s got really big ones – or a very small IQ.

Eventually I got fed up and went down to the merchandise stand just behind where we were sitting. I asked them if they authorized guys to sell shirts out of their jackets. They just looked at me for a moment, then asked me what I said. I asked if they sent people into the stands to sell shirts out of their jackets, cause there was a guy a couple of rows ahead of me doing it. Panic crossed their faces and they asked me to talked to the security person for my section. So I did, and then walked down the hall. When I headed back to my seat I saw two men with  SECURITY across their jackets go running past. I figured I knew why.

I admit it I tried to tell them who it was and they walked past him. So I went to my seat. One of them was standing beside me, so I tapped him on the shoulder and pointed. He went down and talked to the guy – who said he couldn’t talk because he was on his cell phone. That’s right folks…the guy was at a concert, talking on his cell phone! Anyone ever try that and succeed? Well, apparently it worked for the security guy who walked away from Shirt-Man to talk to the other security folks. No sooner had he turned his back and Shirt-Man was up on his feet and running down the stairs. By the time security turned back around the guy was probably on the Metro and half-way to Maryland.

Now, I know I don’t get out much. I admit that. I’ve got a job and kids and such, and don’t get to go to concerts very often. And maybe I’m a Goodie-Goodie who should have kept my mouth shut. But I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

All I can say is this. If you are going to stuff shirts in your jacket to sell during the concert inside the venue…just make sure you don’t fold them in front of a really short chick who doesn’t get out much!

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