Friends are Friends Forever


I was introduced to a song by Michael W. Smith called “Friends are Friends Forever” back in high school. It was a really meaningful part of the memories and friendships I created then. Looking back now, I know that those words really are true. I have seen over and over again that people come into your life and go out of your life, and somehow are in your life again just when you need them. I’ve seen again just recently, and I am feeling very blessed.

It goes beyond networking. It’s way past making connections. Or linking up (or in). It’s people knowing people and helping people. People willing to go the extra mile for someone. People caring for someone else and not being afraid to let them know.

You can’t put a price tag on it. You can’t market it. You can’t put it on a slide or enter it in a data base. It’s not something you can mock-up or boil down. It’s one of the great intangibles that I love about human beings. That bit when someone from our pasts, especially someone we had once been close to but  haven’t talked in a while, suddenly pops-up at the right place and the right time when we need them most. Or they return the phone we’re certain they won’t.

In those moments we start to feel the most alone we are often reminded that friends are friends forever. And that is awesome.

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