My Summer So Far


First rule of blogging, don’t stop blogging. Well I broke that one in spades. In my defense, since I last published a post (there are several sad half posts laying around behind the scenes) I have: completed a couple of freelance projects, packed kit and kaboodal and moved it all to another state, managed to get Shingles (twice-I am just that lucky), and get the kids to and from summers camp in one piece! Bonus points for getting them registered in the new school district before we got to the DMV (well alright who rushes out to the DMV, but still we got them registered the first week we were here). We’ve got a long way to go, but it’s starting to feel like home.

For now I offer the following photographic proof…don’t worry I’ve skipped the ones that might leave you feeling itchy…


Before they broke our TV, 3/4 of legs of a desk, a piece of heirloom furniture and scratched the end table.


We stopped to take a picture as we came back home.


Two weeks after we moved the girls went to camp.


They had fun at camp but were glad to come home and unpack.

Once again I’ve learned life tends to do what it pleases while you’re out making other plans. You know what, since there’s not much you can do to stop it, sometimes it’s better to just try to enjoy the ride.

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