Lorie’s List – 8/26/2016


Lorie’s List is back! My list usually appears on Fridays and is a fun and/or helpful list of things to do, websites to visit, or overall useless information that I find interesting. To keep
with the theme of this week, today’s Lorie’s List is all about education. I’ve got something for just about everyone!

  • ABCYa.com – This site comes recommended by my 6th grader. She said it was
    Image from ABCYa.com homepage

    ABCYa.com comes highly recommended!

    a really fun site and educational. There are lots of games for Pre-K through 5th grade. And, if you find the games too easy, you can move up a grade level. “R” says it’s something that teachers should check out too!

  • Study Island is a website that my daughters’ schools have used that covers a wide range of topics for each grade level. The site is geared for schools and the teachers set up questions, tests and games for the students to use to help increase comprehension and retention of information. It’s a great tool! If your school doesn’t use it, talk to your child(ren)’s teacher and ask them to check it out.
  • Khan Academy is an awesome site for the whole family. If you aren’t familiar withKhan Academy logoKhan Academy, Wikipedia describes it as: “Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by educator Salman “Sal” Khan with the aim of providing a “free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere”. You can find lessons on everything from basic math to accounting and science. They have classes for adults too! These aren’t just lame thrown together lessons, these are usually tied to colleges and universities so you’re basically getting a college level course for free. Both of my daughters have gotten homework and reference help there as well as lessons recommended by teachers. And yes, IT IS ALL FREE! So go check out that Organic Chemistry class you’ve always wanted to take.


What educational sites do you or your family love? Share below in comments!

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