2 thoughts on “Perception is Reality…

  1. Perception becomes reality — it’s pretty much the default option unless a lot of tangible evidence is made relevant into the minds of the perceivers.

    If there is no momentum, no movement, no discernible direction… then people forget or dismiss messages (or in the case of The Gap, outright reject them).

    Everyone, and every organization, is always forcing a message. It’s only relevant when the messenger accounts for where the audience is at, but it’s only helpful if in making it relevant, it offers a direction on where the audience can go with them.

    IMHO, it’s not either/or — it’s both/and.

    • Good points Aaron. And thanks for posting a comment! I don’t disagree at all. I seemed to be surprised a lot by all of the people/organizations out there (who should know better) than to not look at where the audience is at, or who they are. It’s happened everywhere from sports franchises to television networks.

      I must admit that I get a little amused at times that some of the “Big Guys” who should know better seem to forget the basics. Maybe it’s wrong of me, but it’s nice to know that we all make mistakes.

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